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Yorkshire Police Merger Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Yorkshire Police Merger - Case Study Example "Members have looked closely at the two options deemed acceptable by the Home Secretary, a merger with North Yorkshire or the creation of a single regional force. It was felt that either option would have significant disadvantages for the people of West Yorkshire, including an increase in council tax for no apparent benefit. Members were also concerned about a short-term drop in performance and a weakening of accountability and governance structures due to the size of the proposed new force areas. Reports from both the Authority and the Force reflect the feeling that the creation of a single regional force would be particularly bad for West Yorkshire. "The Authority attempted to resolve these concerns with Ministers prior to this meeting but have yet to receive appropriate reassurances. Whilst the Authority fully accepts the need for the policing service to provide an adequate level of protective services to all citizens, it feels there may be other options which would achieve the same outcomes but with fewer penalties for the people of West Yorkshire. The West Yorkshire option is the only one we could agree to support at this stage based on known costs, performance and other criteria. Voluntary agreement for anything else will only be considered at a later date." (West Yorkshire Police Authority, Press Releases, 20th December 2005)West Yorkshire Police Merger 4 On the 12th of July 2006, the Home Office announced that it was revising plans to merge police forces in England and Wales. Police Authorities will be given more time and freedom to come up with plans to improve protective services, without requiring amalgamations this commended by the police minister, Tony McNulty Councillor Mark Burns-Williamson, Chair of West Yorkshire Police Authority, said he was delighted with the announcement. "It is well known that members of the Police Authority were not in favor of the proposed merger with the other three forces in the region. Our

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Burjeel hospital ( abu dhabi ) Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 5750 words

Burjeel hospital ( abu dhabi ) - Research Paper Example Developments within the standards of the healthcare domain of the country have been one of the major aspects, which must be duly considered for deriving positive outcomes. The standard, which has been practiced within the healthcare industry of the nation, is identified to remain at par with the prevailing healthcare issues in the global business sector (Alhyas, Nielsen, Dawoud & Majeed, 2013). The number of chronic disease prevailing within the country i.e. the UAE is noted to be an ever increasing trend in recent years, which further demands for extensive development of the sector in terms of delivering effective healthcare services to the people of the country. In order to acquire more in-depth understanding about the topic of the research, Burjeel Hospital of the UAE has been taken into concern for discussion (Burjeel Hospital, 2015). Thus, with this concern, the research paper intends to develop a marketing plan for the healthcare organization i.e. Burjeel Hospital, which is operating in the nation for several years. The aim of the plan will be to ensure long-term sustainability and attain competitive advantage as compared to others operating within the overall healthcare sector of the nation. The healthcare organization chosen for this particular research study is Burjeel Hospital operating in the region of Abu Dhabi of the UAE. Notably, this particular healthcare organization is one of the biggest and most prestigious healthcare organizations operating in the nation. Apart from the effectiveness of the healthcare services being provided to the patients, the hospital is also known for its grandeur and magnificence in terms of infrastructural development. The management of the healthcare unit not only believed in the deliverance of quality healthcare services to the end users, but also offering the same in cost-effective manner. The organization also ensures providing world-class facilities to the customers based on which they could be cured as early as