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Gender and Social Space Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Gender and Social Space - Essay Example In addition to this, the three motility factors are considered; ambiguous transcendence, inhibited intentionality and a discontinuous unity (Young, 1990), with respect to the feminine gender is also discussed. The effect is also seen in the major work that women and men undertake. Women inherently have or at least they think they have a weaker body. More often this is written down as the weaker sex. This idea sinks in their mind and is reflected when ever they do a job that is physically challenging. Let it be to lift a heavy object or to move something heavy. The tendency is to maintain this tendency of the women to maintain the weakness attitude in their body (Alphonso Lingis, 1994). This idea is reflected when ever they move in the social space. Whether it is to get their luggage out of their cars or to change tires in their cars, they look for help from more 'able' men. This attitude of a physiological disadvantage is reflected in every one of the activities of the women. As a matter of fact, the same is also reflected in the activities that are carried out by men too. They treat women as if they are incapable of doing even the simplest of the jobs. Whether it is a question of lifting the kid while they are on a long walk or it is to check whether the depth of the pool is good enough for a dive if it is not announced; the risk is always taken by the men. This tendency to being risk averse is not some thing new to the women. They consistently stay out of risk. For instance, they do not try to be heroic with a robber normally. They expect the male to be the chauvinistic hero who will save the women in need. This is also a physiological condition where the women tend to show reluctance in shouldering responsibilities (Anton Mischewski, 2005). On most occasions, one would also notice that the women tend to display a personal safety measure that is normally higher than what men do. May be this also could be attributed to the risk averseness that the women generally display (Aileen Moreton-Robinson, 2000). But then, it is also personal safety motivation that is more prominent and the tendency to save their skin rather than to get themselves hurt. This is not present in the men; even if present it is so only for a lesser extent. Psychological Activities Most of the activities of the women and men are controlled by the tendencies created and cultured in their mind. This seems to reflect the paternal traits of our society much more than the maternal traits. The effect of the male supremacy is ingrained in the thought process of not just the male but also the female in our society (Jones HG & Dr Kirkman M, (eds.), 2007). This reflects heavily in everything that is written and said about the female and male behavior. Therefore, this also cultivates the same behavior in both the genders. The tendency to accept the male superiority with out question is common place among women as much as it is with men. Whether it is to provide the right action while playing a game and provide the physiological activity that is needed to the job or it is for the people to provide mathematical or scientific reasoning for a thought process, the way the women think is substantially different from what the male does. In most of the cases, the woman generally under estimates her capabilities

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