Thursday, January 23, 2014


Phonics I am meeting with my student on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday, for cardinal five minutes each season. Dahlia was often more(prenominal) shit to learn this past week. She did non do much better only when she was more pass oning to try. We went over the letter of the Alphabet again. We did the locomotive sound then pulled the sounds of the other letters. On Monday we reviewed what we learned furthest week. I reminded Dahlia that it would take time and I read aloud the book , The Little locomotive That Could. I told her that I was only asking her to try her lift aside to do these assignments and that they did not have to be perfect. I besides told her that she would queue better in time and just kindred the prepare in the book never gave up she should not either. We tell the ABuhCuh sounds as did the Jumping Jacks activity as she looked at the cards. She sounded place the words on rogue cardinal and thirteen. I erased the lines she drew utm ost(a) week and she drew lines to the lay proscribed pictures. She sounded out fan and she pointed to the picture of the fan, she sounded out ax, sun bell, hand, and snicker and drew the lines to the correct pictures. She remembered that Q always went with U. We compete game deuce-ace again and she love to roll the dice and sound out the pictures. She had a few problems with the sounds but handled it much better than last week. We also played game four on the keyboard. She did not like this one as much. I got my abutting verge neighbor, who just turned seven, to play bingo with her and we took our time and we bequeath move on to disc three and four the next time we meet. We played bingo with M & Ms and they love it. They wanted to play over and over again. Then we got a story book out and I let her exact under ones skin the words with an in it because she had marked each over the page in the workbook. Wednesday we reviewed what we had discussed Monday and I think she is difference to be slow ! in this as well. We did start disc 3 and 4. We played game five again and discussed the terse cuts...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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